Sing A Song of Bird is not only Roseanna Vitro’s tribute to one of jazz’s greats, but also an incredible collaboration with three legendary figures who are the singer’s vocal mentors. Vitro invited vocal stalwarts Sheila Jordan, Bob Dorough and Marion Cowings to join her in the studio for this truly special production born of a desire to combine lyrics with some of Charlie Parker’s fantastic compositions. Vitro and Paul Wickliffe, her husband and producer of the recording, wrote lyrics for some of the songs, as did Dorough and Jordan. Each of the four vocalists contributes outstanding performances to the effort and the result is magical. The project was recorded throughout the pandemic, which resulted in two separate sessions, with the first including alto saxophonist Mark Gross, pianist Jason Teborek, and drummer Bill Goodwin. The second session, recorded during a subsiding of the pandemic features Gary Bartz on saxophone, Alan Broadbent on piano, and Alvester Garnett on drums. Dean Johnson was the bassist for both sessions. Dorough passed away from cancer at the age of 94 before the album could be completed, but the final result is a fitting tribute to his fortitude, his fellow vocalists, and Vitro’s desire to share this wonderful musical showcase.