Singer Mark Winkler takes on the songs of Bobby Troup on I’m With You. Winkler, who previously performed a concert of Troup songs, was given a songbook of Troup’s music by the late composer’s daughters who were in the audience of that concert. The songs and Winkler are a perfect match, with the singer delivering the humor and color of the songs wonderfully. The musicians on this effort provide top-notch performances of the material as well. Joining Winkler on the production are Rich Eames and Jon Mayer on pianos, Gabe Davis and Kevin Axt on basses, David Tull, Mark Ferber and Roy McCurdy on drums. Grant Geissman and Anthony Wilson hold down the guitar chair, while Bob Sheppard is outstanding on the saxophone of this effort. It’s just a tremendously well-crafted and joyous recording.