On One Day It Will , pianist, composer and leader Danny Green joins his trio of bassist Justin Grinnell and drummer Julien Cantelm with a string section for a stunningly beautiful recording. Green’s touch on the keys is fantastic, and the songs, all original works, are melodically and emotionally engaging. The musicianship from all the players on the effort is outstanding. The string quartet features San Diego Symphony violinists Kate Hatmaker and Igor Pandurski, violist Travis Maril, and cellist Erica Erenyi. This is a wonderfully conceived and executed production with a truly pleasing blend of sounds.

Tracks: Time Lapse To Fall, As The Parrot Flies, One Day It Will, View From The Sky, Lemon Avenue, November Reveries, Sifting Through The Silence, October Ballad, Snow Day In Boston, Down and Out.