Pharez Whitted

May 1, 2010 / No Comments

Transient Journey
(Owl Studios)

Transient Journey is the first recording from Pharez Whitted in fourteen years. In that time, the trumpet player made a number of  changes, including moving from Ohio to the Chicago jazz scene. The new recording is comprised solely of Whitted compositons, which he produced along with Gary Mielke and Bobby Broom. Broom provides some grooving guitar work. Saxophonist Eddie Bayard’s horn blends in nicely with the trumpet, Ron Perrillo ablely handles the keyboards and piano, with Dennis Carroll on bass and Greg Artry on the drums. But what can not be missed is Whitted’s tone, which is still as resonant and engaging as ever.

Click here to listen to a clip of “Transient Journey”.

Tracks: The Truth  Seeker, Transient Journey, Brother Thomas, Monkish, Plicky, Sunset on The Gaza, OS Who, Until Tomorrow Comes, Our Man Barack, Soul Mates, Yes We Can.