Jerry Bergonzi

April 28, 2010 / No Comments

Three For All
(Savant Records)

Three For All, the latest recording from saxophonist Jerry Bergonzi is a snapshot of trio work at its finest. Bergonzi, who comes out of a generation of New York brass men heavily influenced by the energy of the great John Coltrane, continues to uphold that flag and tradition in this setting. He’s joined in this endeavor by bassist Dave Santoro and drummer Andrea Michuletti. Bergonzi wrote all 13 of the album’s  compositions and often doubles himself on soprano and tenor sax on this fine showcase of musicianship.

Click here to listen to a clip of “Horus”.

Tracks: Crop Circles, Obama, End of The Mayan Calendar, Between The Lines, Demolition Mode, Bluebonics, Horus, Tectonic Plates, FIDH.