Triosence with Sara Gazarek – Where Time Stands Still

February 28, 2012 / No Comments / Tags: Bernhard Schüler, Ingo Senst, Sara Gazarek, Stephan Emig,, triosence

(Charleston Square)

Where Time Stands Still  brings Triosence, the trio of German-born pianist Bernhard Schüler, bassist Ingo Senst, and drummer Stephan Emig, together with American vocalist Sara Gazarek for their first U.S. release. The musicians and singer are a perfect fit, with a great chemistry between all the players involved making for a very enjoyable result. The set list is a selection wonderfully delicate compositions with sweet vocals, terrific solos and solid backing arrangements. The original compositions that comprise the this recording are the product of all involved. An excellent and most entertaining collaboration of talents .

Click here to listen to a clip of “I Can’t Explain”.

Tracks: I Can’t Explain, Summer Song, You’re My Spring, Morning Star, Like The Wind, Only One Evening, Only Friends, Maybe There’s A Princess Waiting, You’ll See You, You Alone, Let It In, Where Times Stands Still.