Tineke Postma & Greg Osby – Sonic Halo

October 17, 2014 / No Comments / Tags: Dan Weiss, Greg Osby, Linda Oh, Matt Mitchell, Tineke Postma

(Challenge Records)

Sonic Halo is the fantastic teaming of a rising star on the saxophone with a rising star-turned-established leader on the instrument for an outstanding exhibition of craftsmanship. The project is also a conversation of cultures between Amsterdam-born Tineke Postma and her American mentor Greg Osby. The recording is an interactive collection of mostly original compositions rich with wonderfully interactive interplay between their voices, interchangeably on soprano and alto saxophones. Backing the duo in this effort are pianist Matt Mitchell, bassist Linda Oh and drummer Dan Weiss. The music is bright and uptempo, most with a beautiful ballad added to the sonic landscape. The project feels as much an exploration of the concept, as much as two peers getting together to play songs. It’ll be interesting to hear where the next expedition will take these two talents .

Click to listen to a clip of “Sea Skies”:

Tracks: Sea Skies, Facets, Source Code, Where I Come From, Nine Times A Night, Bottom Forty, Melo, Body and Soul, Pleasant Affliction .

Website: TinekePostma.com