The Telegraph: Review of new book- Blue Note: Uncompromising Expression – 75 Years of the Finest in Jazz

November 1, 2014 / No Comments
Photo: Francis Wolff / Mosaic Images
Photo: Francis Wolff / Mosaic Images

By Martin Gayford
The Telegraph

It is well known that the Nazi regime denounced modernist art as “degenerate”, but not so well known that the Third Reich also proscribed “Entartete Musik” or “degenerate music”. Another name for this was jazz. It makes complete sense, therefore, that the most renowned of American jazz recording companies – Blue Note Records – was founded by refugees from Hitler’s Germany.

Blue Note survives in name, if not – some would argue – in spirit. This weighty book helps to explain the mystique that continues to surround the label, though in that regard the pictures are more helpful than the text. One of the crucial points about Blue Note records was that they looked beautiful – and distinctive.

Source: The Telegraph