Ruslan Sirota – Ruslan

February 21, 2012 / No Comments / Tags: chick corea, george duke, piano jazz, ruslan sirota, stanley clarke,


Ruslan,from pianist-keyboarder Ruslan Sirota, is the debut of a talented contemporary composer and musician. His playing is stellar, as are his color-filled compositions on this recording. Sirota sings and vocalizes on the project as well, with a sound that would appeal to fans of Radiohead or Coldplay as well. Sirota enlists a solid group of players on the effort, including the producer of the project, the renown bassist Stanley Clarke. He’s also joined by drummers Michael White, Ronald Bruner, Jr. and Jimmy Paxson, and guitarists Roy Kariok and John Shannon. Ukraine-born talent is accompanied by keyboard masters Chick Corea and George Duke on duets of one tune respectively. Sirota brings an exciting new voice to the scene that stretches the boundaries and accessibilities of instrumental music.

Click here to listen to a clip of “Feather Park”.

Tracks: How Near How Far, Like The Wind, Feather Park, Forgiveness, Waking Up Alone, Voices, Hubert, Sister Moon, High Celings, Klaudia, In Truth, From a Whim to Pursuit.