Rahsaan Barber – Everyday Magic

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(Jazz Music City)

Saxophonist Rahsaan Barber is one of the truly exciting young talents in jazz, as he aptly displays on his second and latest release, Everyday Magic.  In addition to the powerful voice he brings to the instrument, Barber is an incredibly harmonic composer, writing all of the songs on the project. Barber clearly comes out of the Coltrane tradition, but the arrangement of his music, with its use of electric guitar, gives it an element of yesterday and very much today. On guitar is Adam Agati, Jody Nardone plays piano, Jerry Navarro is on bass and Nioshi Jackson provides the drum work. It’s a unit that sounds incredibly good together. Joining them on several tracks are trombonist Roland Barber, Rahsaan’s twin brother and Giovanni Rodriguez on percussion. Based in the country music capital, Nashville,Tennessee, Barber is one of many artists proving that great jazz talent does exist in the American South.

Click here to listen to a clip of “Jubilee”.

Tracks: Jubilee, Lost and Found, Floodsong, Manhattan Grace, Why So Blue?, Innocence, Adagio, Memphis Soul, Redemption .

Website: http://rahsaanbarber.com