Paco De Lucia – En Vivo Conciertos: Live In Spain 2010

April 10, 2012 / No Comments / Tags: antonio sanchez, Antonio Serrano, bassist Alain Pérez, Duquende, Farru, singers David de Jacoba

(Decca Records)

Guitarmaster and legend Paco DeLucía puts on a quite show on his latest, En Vivo Conciertos Live in Spain 2010. The 2-disc recording captures DeLucia live in front a very enthusiastic home audience in his native Spain. The audience hangs on every note the iconic flamenco guitariist plucks, strokes or strums on the stage; it’s no wonder, as the foot-stomping, percussive energy is infective and quite affecting. DeLucia’s virtuoso playing is enhanced by the talents of guitarist Antonio Sánchez, bassist Alain Pérez, singers David de Jacoba and Duquende, harmonica player Antonio Serrano, and dancer Farru.Though it must have been an amazing experience to have been there for these shows, the power and beauty of DeLucia’s mastery comes across fantastically in this terrific recording.

Click here to listen to a clip of “Mi Antonia (Bulería Por Solea)”.

Tracks: (Disc 1) Variaciones De Minera (Minera), Mi Antonia (Bulería Por Solea),Tangos Con Cositas Buenas (Tangos), Moraito Siempre (Bulería) (Disc 2) El Cafetal (Rumba), Lagartijo (Siguirilla), Zyryab En Vivo, Vámonos (Rumba).