Nikolett Pankovits – Magia

September 27, 2016 / No Comments / Tags: Ferenc Nemeth, Greg Hardy, Jason Lindner, John Benitez, Josh Deutsch, Juancho Herrera, Nikolett Pankovits, Yayo Serka, Zach Brock

(Nikolett Pankovits)

Nikolett Pankovits’ warm vocal delivery makes her debut recording a true pleasure. Magia nicely blends the music of  singer’s native country, Hungary, with Brazilian, Latin and American flavors. Pankovits’ moves through the various influences and genres with an ease that weaves the eclectic set together very deftly. The diverse array of material includes songs written by Consuelo Velazquez, Marilyn and Alan Bergman, Tamás Hegdūs and several Hungarian composers as well as the singer herself. The musicianship on the effort is equally impressive, with the talents of violinist Zach Brock, guitarist Juancho Herrera, bassist John Benitez, pianist Jason Lindner, saxophonist Greg Hardy, trumpeter Josh Deutsch and drummers Yayo Serka and Ferenc Nemeth, among the many outstanding contributors to the production. Pankovits also plays piano one of track of this very engaging project. Check it out.

Click to listen to a clip of “Fogadj El Engem”:

Tracks: Kis Kece Lányom, Madárka, Madárka; Száz Panasz Ég A Dalomban, La Dama De La Muerte, Gloomy Sunday/ Szomoru Vasanap, Don’t Ask Me Who I Was/ Ne Kérdezd i Voltam, Fogadj El Engem, Besame Mucho, Stop For a Moment, Where Do You Start? .