Mehliana – Taming The Dragon

March 14, 2014 / No Comments / Tags: brad mehldau, Mark Guiliana, Mehliana, nonesuch, Taming The Dragon


Pianist/keyboardist Brad Mehldau and drummer Mark Guiliana are the names behind this amazing hyphenated effort. Taming The Dragon is a spellbinding, mood-altering ride from start to finish. The duo weaves together an electronic, rhythmic panorama of sound and beats to produce a mesmerizing alternate musical universe. Mehldau, who is well-known for his dexterous, boundless solo forays soars even further in this electronic frontier with the aid of various electric pianos, Fender Rhodes and synthesizers, as Guiliana adeptly lays down the backbeats, grooves and drives the under-structure of the endeavor. This recording is something beyond fusion and yet totally digabble, as much for its musicality and artistry, as its boldness .

Click to listen to a clip of “Luxe”:

Tracks: Taming The Dragon, Luxe, You Can’t Go Back Now, The Dreamer, Elegy for Amelia E. Sleeping Giant, Hungry Ghost, Just Call Me Nige, Sassyassed Sassafrass, Swimming, London Gloaming .