Lorraine Feather – Tales of The Unusual

February 7, 2012 / No Comments / Tags: Grant Geissman, Greg Field, Lorraine Feather, Michael Shapiro, Michael Valerio, Mike Miller, Russell Ferrante, Shelly Berg, Tales of The Unusual

(Jazzed Media)

Singer Lorraine Feather’s latest, Tales of The Unusual, is as quirky as its title, but it’s a recording that is highly engaging. The combination of Feather’s lilting voice and piano-based arrangements give the project a theatrical, even cabaret-ish feel. The lyrics, all of which Feather had a hand in co-writing, are humorous and some times dark, many touching on themes of modern angst. One of the tunes references a relationship between two people of opposing political views, while another deals with being environmentally responsible, though in a much more interesting manner of presenting the subject. Assisting Feather in this production is a top notch lineup of talents, including pianists Russell Ferrante and Shelly Berg, drummers Michael Shapiro and Greg Field, bassist Michael Valerio and guitarists Grant Geissman and Mike Miller. The fantastic arrangements along with Feather’s spot-on delivery of mood and mystique on each song make this an outstanding effort.

Click here to listen to a clip of “Off-the-Grid Girl”.

Tracks: The Hole in the Map, Off-the-Grid, Where Is Everybody, The Usual Suspect, Five, Sweet Miriam, Out There, Get a Room, Cowbirds, I Took You Hand (Fellini’s Waltz), Indiana Lana, To Live Another Day, Ahh.

Website: http://lorrainefeather.com