Litchfield Jazz Festival delights music fans for 18th year

August 12, 2013 / No Comments
Photo: Litchfeld Jazz Festival

By Jack Coraggio/The Register Citizen

GOSHEN, CT – For an 18th year in a row the Litchfield Jazz Festival, the music and culture celebration that draws music fans from all over the state and beyond, highlighted America’s truest homegrown art form.

The vibes were good and plenty under a mostly sunny sky mixed with just enough cloud coverage to mitigate serious sunburn. On Saturday, especially welcome was the shine since the night before it rained so much a discernable portion of attendance washed away, and the recent precipitation was evident in the pattern of mud puddles people jumped around and over like they were playing a game of hopscotch in the otherwise grassy Goshen Fairgrounds.

Bert Harney manned one of the dozens of vendor booths — his was for his family’s iced tea business Harney & Sons – and said the size of the crowd on Saturday severely beat the one from the night before and the ones from years past. But it wasn’t just the size that mattered it was the sheer awesomeness of it all.

Source: The Register Citizen