Joey Alexander – My Favorite Things

May 22, 2015 / No Comments / Tags: Alphonso Horne, Joey Alexander, Larry Grenadier, motema, Russell Hall, Sammy Miller,, Ulysses Owens Jr.


There’s no getting around the fact that pianist Joey Alexander is 11-years old. He is also one of the most phenomenal musical newcomers to ever hit the scene. As his debut recording My Favorite Things aptly demonstrates, the perception is directly attributable to the fact that the young musician simply has chops, and chops well beyond what one might expect of a 30-year old, let alone, a pre-teen. Mr. Alexander plays with a blues feel and awareness that one can not reconcile with his age and life experience. He’s clearly listening, having and leading a conversation with his fellow players here. Joining him on are veteran talents Larry Grenadier on bass and Ulysses Owens Jr. on drums for much of the effort. A trio of young New York-based musicians are also included on the production, with Russell Hall on bass, Sammy Miller on drums and Alphonso Horne on trumpet. The interplay is outstanding and Joey Alexander as well as this recording are just beyond extraordinary.

Click to listen to a clip of “Ma Blues”:

Tracks: Giant Steps, Lush Life, My Favorite Things, It Might As Well Be Spring,  Ma Blues, ‘Round Midnight, I Mean You, Tour De Force, Somewhere Over The Rainbow.