Hayden Chisholm – Breve

June 5, 2015 / No Comments / Tags: Breve, Hayden Chisholm, John Taylor, matt penman, Pirouet, thejazzpage.com


Breve by saxophonist Hayden Chisholm would qualify as a quiet album, but it doesn’t mean that it lacks for intensity. It has plenty of energy in the interplay between Chisholm and John Taylor on piano and Matt Penman on drums. There’s a nice tempo and feel about this album that makes it a pleasing listen. The audio has a quality that lets you feel like you’re in the room with the musicians as the songs play out. The compositions are originals from the three gentlemen here, with the bulk of the contributions coming from Chisholm. The combination of the outstanding musicianship, the sound and artistry makes this production a great addition to any playlist.

Click to listen to a clip of “Tinkerbell Swing”:

Tracks: Patche, Barely A Moon, Tinkerbell Swing, The Elf of Plants, Augmented Waltz, Pass A Cage, Lea, So It Goes, Inebriate Waltz, Fly .

Website: HaydenChisholm,net