Eric Wyatt – Borough of Kings

October 10, 2014 / No Comments / Tags: Ameen Saleem, Benito Gonzalez, Clifton Anderson, Duane Eubanks, Eric Wyatt, Kyle Poole, Shinnosuke Takahashi,


To hear saxophonist Eric Wyatt is to hear a musician on par with the greats of his craft, and his latest, Borough of Kings is a point of fact. Wyatt’s genius is not only his passionate playing, in which not one breath is wasted, but in the notes he writes. He’s an incredible player and equally impressive composer. To make matters better, Wyatt assembles an outstanding lineup of players around him who help to deliver what he’s created. Joining Wyatt are Benito Gonzalez on piano, Duane Eubanks on trumpet, Clifton Anderson on trombone, Ameen Saleem on bass, Shinnosuke Takahashi and Kyle Poole on drums, the latter of two on drums for one track. This is a fantastic production all around .

Click to listen to a clip of “Borough of Kings”:

Tracks: The Peoples Champ, One for Hakim, Borough of Kings, Can He Come Out, Ancient Chinese Secrets, Quest, Countdown, What Would I Do Without You .