Eliane Elias – Light My Fire

July 19, 2011 / No Comments / Tags: concord records, eliane elias, gilberto gil, marc johnson, oscar castro-neves, paulo braga, randy brecker, romero lubambo, thejazzpage.com

(Concord /Picante)

Though pianist-extraordinaire Eliane Elias has performed and lived in the U.S. for 30 years, her heart has never left Brazil and that’s especially evident on her latest effort, Light My Fire. The album is a mix of moods, though it leans towards a more laidback vibe, with a strong dose of bossa nova. Cover tunes like the Jim Morrison title track are put nicely through this filter, adding new flavor to the compositions. Elias is aided on this beautiful collection of music by an outstanding lists of talents, including guitarists Gilberto Gil, Oscar Castro-Neves and Romero Lubambo, drummer Paulo Braga and bassist Marc Johnson, who co-produced the album. The project also has a family touch, with the inclusion of singer-songwriter Amanda Brecker, Elias’ daughter with trumpeter Randy Brecker, who also performs on this fantastic recording.

Click here to listen to a clip of “Be Cool”.

Tracks: Rosa Morena, Stay Cool, Aquele Abraco, Light My Fire, Isto Aqui O Que É (Silver Sandal) My Chérie Amour, Toda Menina Baiana, Bananeira, Made in Moonlight, Turn to Me (Samba Maracatú) Take Five, What About The Heart (Bate Bate).

Website: http://elianeelias.com