Beat Funktion – Green Man

January 27, 2017 / No Comments / Tags: Adée, Alicia Olatuja, Beat Funktion, Claes Janson, Damon Elliot, Daniel Lantz, Jasmine Kara, Johan Öijen, Jon Eriksson, Karl Olandersson, Matilda Gratte, Olle Thundstrom, Pal Johnson, Viktoria Tolstoy

(DO Music Records)

The band Beat Funktion has returned with another foray into jazz and funk. Green Man is a nice continuation of their unique jazz-funk fusion, this time with an array of special vocal guests, as well as great musicianship. The sound is decidedly contemporary with a solid menu of all original jams. The collective’s core lineup consists of Karl Olandersson on trumpet, Johan Öijen on guitar, Daniel Lantz on keyboards, Olle Thunström on tenor sax, Pal Johnson on bass and Jon Ericksson on drums. Guests on the project include singers Alicia Olatuja, Viktoria Tolstoy, Adée, Claes Janson, Damon Elliot, Jasmine Kara and Matilda Gratte, among others. It’s a groove fest from beginning to end.

Click to listen to a clip of “Jack The Ripper”:

Tracks: teampunch, Tomorrow, In Love in Vain,  Jack The Ripper, Paper Girl, Rewnd, Over The Ocean, Lorelei, We Are Young, Green Man.