Art Hirahara – Libations & Meditations

January 9, 2015 / No Comments / Tags: Art Hirahara, John Davis, Linda Oh, Positone,


Pianist and composer Art Hirahara is an artist of immense virtuosity and artistry. Libations and Meditations is indeed a work that is musically pleasurable and spiritually contemplative. Hirahara is joined in trio mode by bassist Linda Oh and drummer John Davis. Listening to the trio mesh into these creations is deeply engaging. To hear the combo working out on the color-filled originals, primarily composed by Hirahara, adds to the grand experience. This is an outstanding production.

Click to listen to a clip of “Father’s Song”:

Tracks: With Two Ice Cubes, Father’s Song, Be Bim Bop, D.A.Y., Karatachi No Hana, Only Child, Dead Man Posed, Big Country, The Looking Glass, Bop Bim Be, Nereid and Naiads .