Drummer Reggie Quinerly certainly has a way with words. Words to Love not only further establishes Quinerly as an adroit composer, but as a lyricist as well. In a departure from his previous recording, this production takes a decided turn for the vocal arena. The effort features singers Melanie Charles and Milton Suggs alternately on the project’s eight refreshingly fresh tunes, on the timeless subject love. Quinerly is also joined by pianist Orrin Evans, bassist Ben Wolfe and saxophonist Jaleel Shaw, in this endeavor. It’s great when artists are willing to take a new path and equally rewarding when the integrity and commitment of what they seek results in a work of creative substance as this.

Tracks: Until I Met You, Times We’e Yet To See, Love’s Ferris Wheel, Still Frames, Words To Love, Hope Is My Home, Scene, You Bring Out My Best.