Pianist and composer Edward Simon has produced an epic work with the release of Sorrows and Triumphs.  It’s a recording that is sweeping in its depth and intricacy. The production marks the debut of his Afinidad quartet, with the stellar talents of saxophonist David Binney on saxophones, Scott Colley on bass and Brian Blades on drums. Guitarist Adam Rogers and vocalist Gretchen Parlato add even more colors to the set, along with that contributed by the Imani Winds chamber quintet. Percussionists Rogerio Boccato and Luis Quintero also power the effort with their contributions. The magnificence of the performances measure up to the largeness of Simon’s writing and make this project one that truly must be heard and experienced.

Tracks: Incessant Desires, Uninvited Thoughts, Equanimity, Triangle, Chant, Venezuela Unida, Triumphs, Rebirth, Beauty of Space.