Can’t Get Out of This Mood is the stellar recording debut of singer Beverly Church Hogan at 84 years young. The vocalist’s wonderful interpretation of a song is joined with the inventive arrangements of producer John Proulx. The effort features a nice array of standards compositions by Sammy Cahn and Jule Styne, Bobby Troup, Jimmy McHugh, Richard Rogers, Lorenz Hart, and Kurt Weil among others. In addition to Proulx on piano, the outstanding musicianship on the production is provided by Lyman Medeiros on bass, Ron Stout on trumpet and flugelhorn, Graham Dechter on guitar, Doug Webb on tenor sax and flute and Kevin Winard on percussion. Hogan’s studio debut comes some 60 after she turned down a major label recording contract to raise a family and pursue other paths, but what a lovely debut it is.