November 6, 2009 / No Comments
Jackie Ryan Doozy
(Open Art)

Jackie Ryan is a real-deal jazz singer, as she proves once again on her latest release, Doozy. The recording is a double CD edition with a total of 20 wonderful performances. It’s not just Ryan’s voice that stands out on her projects, but also the creativity of the arrangements to complement her unique approach to a song. The caliber of musicians that the Bay area singer assembles on this effort is a tribute to their respect for her as a vocalist. Joining Ryan on this recording are pianist Cyrus Chestnut, Eric Alexander on saxophone, guitar legend Romero Lumbambo and trumpet Jeremy Pelt who takes every song on which he performs up a notch. The album is tilted just slightly towards ballads, contentwise, but Ryan also proves that she can belt with the best of ’em on tunes like the title track and “I Must Have That Man”. Jackie Ryan is one of our favorite jazz singers and projects like this are the reason she’s held in such high esteem.

Click here to listen to a clip of “Doozy”.

Tracks: (Disc1) Doozy, You’ll See, Caminhos Cruzados, Do Something, With The Wind And Rain In Your Hair, Speak Low, I Must Have That Man, Dat Dere, Beautiful Moons Ago, My How The Time Goes By.

(Disc 2): Opportunity Please Knock, I Haven’t Got Anything Better To Do, Brigas Nunca Mais/A Felicidade, Spepring Can Really Hang You Up The Most, Solamente Una Vez, Summer Serenade, Get Rid of Monday, Midnight Sun, Tell Me More, And Then Some, Some Other Time