Peter Hum Quintet – A Boy’s Journey

June 10, 2011 / No Comments / Tags: Alec Walkington, jazz, Kenji Omae, Nathan Cepelinski, Peter Hum, Peter Hum Quintet, Ted Warren,

(Peter Hum)

A Boy’s Journey, the recording debut of the Peter Hum Quintet, is a wonderfully captivating first effort. The thing you notice straightaway is the beauty of the compositions, all of which the Ottawa-based pianist, Hum, wrote. There’s a fantastic melodic quality to the tunes. Combining this element with the tremendous musicianship of the band makes this a terrific recording. Joining Hum on this debut are the talents of Kenji Omae on tenor saxophone, Nathan Cepelinski on alto and soprano saxophones, Alec Walkington on bass and Ted Warren on drums. This is a highly-recommended debut to check out.

Click here to listen to a clip of “Take The High Road”.

Tracks: Take The High Road, New Toy, La tendresse, s.v.p., Big Lou, Midway, Sojourner’s Truth, C.G., A Boy’s Journey, Unagi, Three Wishes.