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Horace Bray – Dreamstate

(Horace Bray)

In addition to exhibiting his phenomenal virtuosity, Dreamstate, is a fantastic showcase of guitarist Horace Bray’s outstanding writing skills. Bray penned all of the tunes on this wonderful self-produced effort. The songs are of contemporary vintage built around the guitar’s resonant tone, with ample room for the other instruments elevating the sound. Bray uses colors and sound textures to great effect, with no gimmickry. The tunes are contemplative expositions that can be appreciated on a purely musical, as well as, artistic level. The arrangements are enhanced by a very talented rhythm section comprised of Colin Campbell on keyboards, Matt Young and Connor Kent on drums and Mike Luzecky on bass. The string ensemble playing arrangements by Drew Zaremba adds another element to the songs. This recording is solid throughout and Bray is a first-rate visionary artist.     .

Click to listen to a clip of “Laumeier”:

Tracks: Laumeier, Laumeier Outro, Living With Imperfection Sooth, Dreamstate, Mellifluous, Dirge Mallon, The Mind as Brittle Object, Semantic Satiation .


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