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Jazz guitarist Marty Grosz 85, keeps ‘hot music’ going

Marty GroszAfter a lengthy and hilarious discourse at his South Philadelphia home on all things swing and jazz, hot guitarist Marty Grosz, 85, says, “I hope I don’t sound like a sour curmudgeon, which is probably what I am.”

About to release his latest album, Diga Diga Doo – Marty Grosz Meets the Fat Babies: Hot Music from Chicago, the musician and singer says proudly that his art has always sought to entertain rather than lull audiences into a stupor with what he calls “egghead jazz.”

“I’ve got a feel for ‘hot music’ – because if I call it jazz, people don’t know what I’m talking about. I wouldn’t know what I was talking about. In the ’50s and ’60s, we billed ourselves as ‘jazz,’ but even then it was problematic. Were you playing traditional, bebop, free-form?”


Don Chisholm to receive 2015 National Jazz Hero Award

don chisholm

On this first day of Jazz Appreciation Month (April), the Jazz Journalists’ Association has announced that local property developer Don Chisholm will receive its 2015 National Jazz Hero Award to recognize his “years of generous service and philanthropy for jazz and musical theatre in Ann Arbor.”

With a group of fellow jazz lovers, Don Chisholm provides financial support for concerts at The Kerrytown Concert House. The Don Chisholm Friends of Jazz at KCH have made it possible for Ann Arbor music lovers to enjoy Jackie Ryan, Tamir Hendelman, Jeff Hamilton, Terry Lower, Gwilym Simcock, The JaLaLa Trio, Mr. B, Peter Bernstein, Randy Napoleon, James Dapogny and many others in the elegant and intimate Kerrytown Concert House.

Source: Michigan Live