Our interviews with the jazz world

We will be relaunching our Conversations segment in the coming weeks after we complete final details on the website. We look forward to speaking with some really great guests, so stay tuned!

Gretchen Parlato

gretchenparlatoA conversation with vocalist Gretchen Parlato about her career and latest recording.


The Trio of OZ – Omar Hakim and Rachel Z

rachelk_omarhakimA conversation with drummer Omar Hakim and pianist Rachel Z on their new band and recording The Trio of OZ.


Myron Walden

myron_waldenA conversation with saxophonist Myron Walden on his career and music.


Geof Bradfield

gbradfieldA conversation with saxophonist Geof Bradfield about his work and latest recording.


Walt Weiskopf

walt_weiskopfA conversation with saxophonist Walt Weiskopf about his career and latest music.


Jim Wilke – Host of Jazz Afterhours

jim_wilkeA conversation with Jim Wilke of the nationally broadcast jazz radio program JazzAfterhours.


John Comerford – Icons Amongst Us

comerford_iconsA conversation with Icons Among Us producer John Comerford.

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Tineke Postma

tineke_postmaA conversation with saxophonist Tineke Postma on her career and latest recording.


Babatunde Lea

babatunde_leaA conversation with percussionist/drummer Babatunde Lea.