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Troy Roberts – Tales & Tones

(Inner Circle Music)

Tales & Tones is the impressive latest recording from saxophonist Troy Roberts. Roberts is adroit in an array of musical moods here with an engaging tone that shines through on every tune, whether it’s a ballad or a swing feel. The mostly original compositions on the effort are outstanding, as are the wonderfully arranged covers of tunes by Bernie Miller, Billy Strayhorn and John Sangster. Helping to propel the music forward are the fantastic talents of Silvano Monasterios on piano, Jeff “Tain” Watts on drums and Robert Hurst on bass, with each providing great performances throughout the set. Roberts is a tremendous player as this superb production makes clear¬† .

Click to listen to a clip of “Trams”:

Tracks: Decoration, Trams, Rivera Mountain, Bernie’s Tune, CotuChiChi Chi, Take the ‘A’ Train, Pickapoppy, Mr. Pinononnk, Boozy Bluesy .


Jared Sims – Change of Address


Change of Address is the fifth recording as a leader from baritone saxophonist Jared Sims. The production is an outstanding display of Sims’ versatility, on a recording that leans in the funk-organ groove direction. The saxophonist is the pulse of the recording, playing with both, power and tremendous dexterity on the large horn. Engaging original compositions provide an outstanding framework for the fantastic musicianship on the effort. The synchronous band includes Steve Fell on guitar, Nina Ott on organ, Chris Lopes on bass and Jared Seabrook on drums. The combination of all of the above makes for a great listening experience.

Click to listen to a clip of “Ghost Guest 1979”:

Tracks: Offer for Wilson, Seeds of Shihab, Ghost Guest 1979, Forest Hills, Tower of Fazenda, Lights and Colors.