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Bobby Shew – Live 1983

(Record Label)

Lost treasure found. This production was unearthed some 38 years after its recording. Bobby Shew Live 1983 captures the masterful flugelhorn player during a concert with the 19-piece University of Florida Jazz Band in March of 1983. The program’s former musical director Gary Langford recalls the show as one of “the most memorable” of his tenure. It’s not hard to hear why. The arrangements and performances are incredible and elevating. The set is lively and comprised of compositions by Shew, plus nicely arranged renditions of tunes by Wayne Shorter, Barbara Streisand, Stevie Wonder and Chick Corea, among others. The set ranges from high flying to mellow melodies. Check out this recording and be prepared to be captivated by the fantastic sound of this timely and timeless discovery.

Click to listen to a clip of “The Red Snapper”:

Tracks: The Red Snapper, Stevie’s Wonders, Evergreen, Yes or No, Cipriana, No Greater Love, Blue, Decoupage, 500 Miles High, John Brown’s Other Body .


Bruce Forman Trio – The Book of Forman: Formanism Volume II


Guitarist Bruce Forman has assembled an outstanding production with his latest effort. The Book of Forman: Formanism Volume II is a fantastic showcase of Forman’s talents as a musician, composer, bandleader and arranger. Featuring Marvin “Smitty” Smith on drums and Alex Frank on bass, the production glides through a set of music primarily composed by Forman, while including several covers which he also arranged. The chemistry between the players is wonderful and makes for truly swinging moments, along Forman’s tone and acumen on the six strings at the center of it all. This truly one that should not be missed.

Click to listen to a clip of “Shanghai”:

Tracks: Hate Mail (Letters of Love), The Epic Cure, On The Street Where You Live, PC Jones, Hall of Shadows, The Song Is You, You Go To My Head, Shanghai, Ray Brown’s Bass, Monk’s Hayride, Bittersweet .


Mark Christian Miller – Crazy Moon

(Sliding Jazz Door Productions)

Crazy Moon by vocalist Mark Christian Miller is a thoroughly enjoyable listen from start to finish. Working with co-producer Judy Wexler, Miller assembles a collection of timeless classics and delivers them crisply, clearly and wonderfully. The production goes from uptempo swinging numbers to sedate ballads and features compositions by Charles Aznavour, Irving Berlin, Jimmy Van Heusen, Bob Dorough,  Jerome Kerns and Dorothy Fields, among others. Miller is accompanied by an outstanding lineup of musicians on this effort, including Josh Nelson, who arranged most of the tracks on the recording on piano, Larry Koonse on guitar, Dave Robaire on bass, Sammy Miller on drums, Ron Stout on trumpet, Bob Sheppard on bass clarinet and Billy Hulting on percussion. Miller and this collection of timeless songs are thoroughly entertaining .

Click to listen to a clip of “I’ve Got Just About Everything”:

Tracks: Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams, Tomorrow Is My Turn, Cheek to Cheek, Second Chance, Oh You Crazy Moon,  Strange, Moonray, Twilight World, I’ve Got Just About Everything, April Fooled Me, Almost in Your Arms.

Website: Not Available

Behn Gillece – Mindset


Mindset is a captivating work and the outstanding recording debut of vibraphonist Behn Gillece. The New Jersey-born musician is equal parts virtuoso player and brilliant composer. The production is a phenomenal showcase of both skills. Gillece wrote all of the tracks on this thoroughly enjoyable effort. Backing him is a solid group of players, including Rick Germanson on piano and Rhodes, Paul Gill on bass, Charles Ruggerio on drums and Ken Fowser on saxophone. The band gets the job done. Do check out this fantastic first outing from this very talented musician.

Click to listen to a clip of “Things Are Happening”:

Tracks: The Great Quartely, Things Are Happening, Mindset, Sands of Time, The Mean Sea, Crashing Down, Uma Para Agosto, Riding Blind, One Mile With You, Calm Cool and Collected .


Ahmad Jamal – Live in Marciac: August 5th 2014

(Jazz Village)

Ahmad Jamal remains a consummate artist and explorer at 85 years young. Live in Marciac: August 5th 2014 presents the revered pianist in concert before an enthusiastic audience of music lover at the famed Marciac Jazz Festival in France. Jamal’s give-and-take with the outstanding talents of Reginald Veal on bass, Herlin Riley on drums and Manolo Badrena on percussion contributes to a performance that truly captivates the room. The dynamic set consists primarily of Jamal’s own compositions, but the passing of Horace Silver two months earlier inspires a tribute to his peer. This is a magical and thoroughly entertaining recording of one of the true modern day legends of the keys.

Click to listen to a clip of “Autumn Rain”:

Tracks: Sunday Afternoon, The Shout, Dynamo, The Gypsy, Strollin’, Silver, All Of You, Morning Mist, Blue Moon, Autumn Rain.


Phonograph Team Project – 3 Steps To 4

(Phonograph Team Project)

Guitarist David Wright of California, drummer Tomasso Monopoli and pianist Gianluca Grasso, both of Italy, met on a social media website for musicians which began the collaboration between from the musicians. Bassist Rob Glass of Arkansas joined soon after to form Phonograph Team Project.  The quartet utilized cloud-based internet technology to create a their debut recording 3 Steps To 4. The result is not only a cool concept, but a wonderful package of music that is extremely pleasing. Listening to the effort, it would be easy to get the sense that all of the players are in the same studio, when they are in fact in different parts of the world. The original compositions that comprise this project allow for individual and collective musicianship to shine through. This excellent endeavor is very much worth checking out.

Click to listen to a clip of “Gathering of Friends”:

Tracks: Saturday After The Dog Park, Cycle Shift, Gathering of Friends, Ditto, 3 Steps To 4, Mango Barbecue, Unknown Journeys .

Website: Phonograph Team Project