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Sherie Julianne – 10 Degrees South

(Azul do Mar)

Vocalist Sherie Julianne adeptly demonstrates great versatility on her debut release. 10 Degree South, a fantastic first outing for the Bay Area talent, is a beautiful blend of standards from the American and Brazilian classics songbooks. Julianne delivers the lyrics in both English and Portuguese with a warm and engaging voice. Marc Silva, a native of Rio de Janeiro, and mentor to the singer for more than a decade, arranged the tunes for the production. In addtion to Silva on keys, the project is graced by the musicianship of Scott Thompson on bass, Phil Thompson on drums, Jeff Buenz on guitar and Mary Fettig on flute and saxophone. This is a thoroughly enjoyable effort by Julianne from beginning to end .

Click to listen to a clip of “A Rã”:

Tracks: Bananaeira, Watch What Happens O Pato, Bonita, Brasil Nativo, A Rã, Encontro, Painting, Maracatu, Nação do Amor (April Child), O Barquinho (Little Boat), The Look of Love, So Many Stars .


Mitch Haupers – Invisible Cities

(Liquid Harmony Music)

Invisible Cities the debut release from guitarist Mitch Haupers is an outstanding effort. Produced by Jimmy Haslip, the recording is a collection of works that blend the jazz and chamber music genres into a beautiful listening experience. Hauper wrote all of the compositions, which have a very contemplative and often balladic feel. Hauper’s outstanding writing and playing is augmented by the talents of a fantastic quartet of musicians, including Bob Mintzer on saxophones, Alan Pasqua on piano, Darek Oles on bass and Peter Erskine on drums. The result is as excellent as you would expect with this lineup and definitely a noteworthy presentation for Hauper.

Click to listen to a clip of “Veronica’s Lake”:

Tracks:Veronica’s Lake, Downtime, Isla Mujeres, Invisible Cities, Leoa, Four Minor Love Songs Suite-Part One: Tale Comfort (In The Rose Garden); Part II: The Farmer andThe Monarch; Part III: (in Came) Love, So Silent; Part IV: Beacon Street, Waltz for Bill, P.S. Vita (Reprise) .


NYT: Charlie Haden, Influential Jazz Bassist, Dies at 76

Photo: NPR
Photo: NPR

Nate Chinen
NY Times

Charlie Haden, one of the most influential bassists in the history of jazz, died on Friday in Los Angeles. He was 76.

His death was confirmed by Ruth Cameron, his wife of 30 years. For the last several years he had been struggling with the degenerative effects of post-polio syndrome, related to the polio he contracted in his youth.

Mr. Haden had a deep, grounded way with the bass and a warm, softly resonant tone. His approach to harmony was deeply intuitive and sometimes deceivingly simple, always with a firm relationship to a piece’s chordal root. Along with his calm, unbudging rhythmic aplomb, this served him well in settings ranging from the ragged and intrepid to the satiny and refined. His own acclaimed bands, like the Liberation Music Orchestra and Quartet West, handily covered that stylistic expanse.

Source: New York Times

Hiromi – ALIVE


Pianist-extraordinaire Hiromi is back with a remarkable work of breadth and depth. Alive has the dynamic pianist working with her trio of recent years, comprised of bassist Anthony Jackson and drummer Simon Phillips. The recording is defined by the amazing diversity, and yet cohesion, in the personalities of the mostly one-word titled, original tunes by the project’s leader. Hiromi’s dexterity and hypnotic pianissimo only enhances her compositions and the interplay with Jackson and Phillips is equally off the charts. Hiromi just gets more amazing with each incarnation.

Click to listen to a clip of “Seeker”:

Tracks: Alive, Wanderer, Dreamer, Seeker, Player, Warrior, Firefly, Spirit, Life Goes On .


Larry Goldings|Peter Bernstein|Bill Stewart – Ramshackle Serenade


When you bring a trio together like this, how could it be anything but great? The trio in this instance is B-3 organist Larry Goldings, guitarist Peter Bernstein and drummer Bill Stewart. On Ramshackle Serenade, their new and outstanding recording together, you hear what results when three pros get together and make music. Simply put, it’s magic. The menu here is a collection of mostly original material for the production by these world class talents. The two covers are nice renditions of compositions by Antonio Carlos Jobim and Horace Silver. There’s a synergy here that makes listening to these gentlemen at work a real treat.

Click to listen to a clip of “Simple As That”:

Tracks: Roach, Luiza, Simple as That, Ramshackle Serenade, Mr. Meagles, Sweet and Lovely, Blue Sway, Useless Metaphor, Peace .


Jeremy Fox – With Love

(Jazzbill Records)

Pianist, composer and arranger Jeremy Fox has constructed a stellar work with this production. With Love features an array of amazing singers lending their voices to tunes Fox arranged for the recording. Not only are the vocal performances off the charts, the instrumentation is as well. The album owes its big orchestral sound to the fact that it is a comprised of a real orchestra, with a real string section, cellos, bassoons, clarinets, horns and violins. In fact, the musician lineup is to massive to even begin to list here, but their contribution to the effort is incredible. Some of the singers featured here are Kate Reid, Kevin Mahogany Kate McGarry, Sunny Wilkinson, Anders Edenroth, Wendy Peterson and Derek Fawcett who are all fantastic on the respective songs they sing. The entire effort is absolutely perfect from beginning to end and one of the best albums of the year.

Click to listen to a clip of “That Old Feeling”:

Tracks: That Old Feeling, All My Tomorrows, Three Little Words, Get Out of Town, Not While I’m Around, Girl Talk, Dindi, Friendship, I’m Glad There Is You, Moonray, So Many Stars .