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Ian Carey Quintet +1 – Roads & Codes

(Kabocha Records)

With the debut of his first project, trumpet and flugelhorn player Ian Carey, along with his quintet, made an impressive statement for new jazz artists creating music of their own. This tradition continues with the new project, Roads & Codes. Carey wrote all but one of the songs on this release. The writing and the performances are fresh and engaging, swinging and serene. Joining Carey is a talented lineup, which includes, Evan Francis and Kasey Knudsen on saxophones,  Fred Randolph on bass, Jon Arkin on drums and Adam Shulman on piano. The band sounds great together and makes this another thoroughly rich musical experience.

Click here to listen to a clip of “Nemuri Kyoshirõ”.

Tracks: Rain Tune, Av Local, Dead Man (Theme), Nemuri Kyoshirõ, Wheels, Count Up, Andante, Thread, West London.


Molly Holm

(Rinny Zin)

Permission is the stunningly impressive debut of Bay area singer and composer Molly Holm. The singer has been on the jazz scene working with Bobby McFerrin’s Voicestra, and as a featured singer with Terry Riley and Zakir Hussain over the years. This recording which was produced by pianist and arranger Frank Martin, is full of innovation and wonderful performances both by the singer and the musicians complementing her great choices. Joining Holm is a solid lineup which includes her working band of Martin on piano, Jeff Chambers on bass, Deszon Claiborne on drums and Wayne Wallace on trombone, among a long list of other notable talents on the project. Holm has an inviting sound that works nice on her own tunes or those from Thelonious Monk, Charles Mingus, Chick Corea or Miles Davis that comprise part of the songlist here. This is definitely a must-hear effort, from start to finish .

Click here to listen to a clip of “Permission”.

Tracks: Improvisational Raga, Sea Journey, Permission, The Bear, Go There Now, Goodbye PorkPie Hat, Secret Words, Something Else,  Afro Blue, Straight No Chaser, You Don’t Know What Love Is, Song at Seventeen .


Jared Gold – Intuition


Intuition is the high-powered release from New York-based Hammond B-3 organist Jared Gold. The New Jersey native truly burns on the keys on a par with some of the instrument’s great modern practitioners. Gold is equally adept in the song composing department, contributing most of the tunes on the recording. The project is further enhanced by outstanding sidemen Dave Stryker on guitar and McClenty Hunter on drums. The three are fantastic together and make some incredible music that must not be missed.

Click here to listen to a clip of “The Crusher”.

Tracks: Will You Love Me Tomorrow, The Crusher, Pro Zeca, Hoopin’ on Sundays, You’ve Got a Friend, Shadowboxing, Right Nowish, As It Were, Bedo’s Blues .


Brad Goode- Chicago Red

(Origin Records)

Trumpetman Brad Goode’s excellent new release, Chicago Red is perfectly titled. The music, like the midwest city Goode calls home, is big and cool. Goode glides over the rhythm and groove with the right balance of space and notes. This allows all elements of the compostions and performances to be heard and appreciated. Goode wrote all but two of the selections on this recording, paying tribute to works by W.C. Handy and Rugerro Leoncavallo. Goode is backed on the effort by Jeff Jenkins on piano and keyboards, Bill Kooper on guitar, Paa Kow on drums, Rony Barrak on darbouka and Bijoux Barboza on bass. A thoroughly fresh-sounding and enjoyable production.

Click here to listen to a clip of “Know What I’m Saying?”.

Tracks: What Happens In The City, Know What I’m Saying?, St. Louis Blues, Chicago Red, Intervallistic, Vesti La Giubba, Mambo Disonante, If Spirals Had Corners, All Fall Down, Cats In The Yard.


Frank Vignola & Vinny Raniolo – Melody Magic


Guitarists Frank Vignola and Vinny Raniolo have created a delightful musical alchemy on their latest recording, Melody Magic. What makes the project particularly noteworthy is not only their great musical chemistry, but the selection of material they take on with this effort. The duo interprets mostly of classical standards in very contemporary arrangements. Covered in their upbeat fashions are the compositions of Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Bizet and Bach, among others. There are also tunes by Lennon and McCartney, as well as Sting, which fit right in with the flow of the tracks. The guitarists are backed by Mark Egan on bass guitar, Cassidy Holden and Mat Wigdon on double bass, Julien Labro on accordion and Zach Brock on violin.The performances are top-notch and make this a truly entertaining production.

Click here to listen to a clip of “Carmen Habanera”.

Tracks: Beethoven’s Fifth, Carmen Habanera, Schehrazade, Morning, Beatles Medley: If I Feel – Here There and Everywhere, Dust In The Wind, Violin Partita #2, Violin Concerto, Swan Lake Scene, Eye of The Tiger, Walking on the Moon.


Patricia Barber – Smash

(Concord Music Group)

Pianist, composer, producer and singer Patricia Barber has a way with words- and music. On her latest, Smash, she shares her painterly world, with each song sounding like its own short story. In addition to thoroughly engrossing arrangements and terrific vocals, the lyrics are as vividly descriptive and image-evocative as something written by Vonnegut. The instrumentation of each tale of anxiety, love and angst is unique and brings with them their own mood and color. The musicianship is first rate, as we’ve come to expect with Barber’s work. Adding great performances to this recording are John Kregor on guitar, Larry Kohut on bass and John Deitemyer on drums. The project bridges the storytelling tradition of jazz with its the avant garde side. The recording is as unique a creation as the artist who created this incredibly effective work.

Click here to listen to a clip of “Devil’s Food”.

Tracks: Code Cool, The Wind Song, Romanesque, Smash, Redshift, Sping Song, Devil’s Food, Scream, The Swim, Bashful, The Storyteller, Missing .